For Storage & Installation of Cables

 For easy and convenient installation conditions and desired performance, following  recommendation are mad.

 No drums should be stored, one above the other.


 Drums should be stored preferably on a plane ground without having any projected hard  stones above the ground surface. The drums should be stored preferably in the shed.


 Drums should be stored and kept in such a way, that bottom cable does not get damaged.


 Drum should be rotated only in the direction marked on the drum.


 While laying the cable in a trench the cable end should be pulled with pulling eye only after  mounting the drums on the jacks.


 100% drums shall be checked for continuity and cross continuity test to ensure that there  is no internal damage to cable during transportation.


 Insulation resistance shall be measured 500V megger between the cores and all the cores  to earth (Armour).


 Where the cable is to be joined with an existing cable, the sequence of cores of the two  ends to be in the opposite direction i.e. if at one end it is the clockwise direction, at the  other end it should be in anticlockwise. This is necessary to avoid the crossing of cores  while jointing. This will also decide the direction in which the cable is to be pulled.


 The maximum bending radius for cable should not be less than 12 x overall diameter.  Wherever possible 25% higher value should be adopted.

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